Sunday, May 20, 2012

I've been a smoker for the past four or so years. Quitting was something I knew I would do eventually, but I was only serious about it a couple of times. I quit once for six months and then again for three, but both times I ended up going back to the nasty habit. This time, I hope, I'm quitting forever.

In a few days, I am getting my wisdom teeth removed. I've been planning on using this surgery as my catalyst for quitting for some time now. I knew that smoking after the surgery could cause a horrible oral infection that is difficult to cure and really gross. What I didn't know is that smoking beforehand can be harmful as well. I figured that the doctor would know better than me, so about a week ago, I quit smoking cold turkey.

It hasn't been easy, especially living at home. There are times I'm so bored out of my mind and all I can think about is smoking a cigarette. I have to battle with myself over and over again to keep myself from folding. I look at pictures of mouth and throat cancer caused by smoking to deter me from lighting up or watch anti-smoking commercials where people have to literally put in their voice box before starting the day.

It actually works.

I'm young enough that my lungs can rehabilitate themselves in a few years, but not if I keep smoking. I think I can do it this time, though. I'm not around the same people I've seen everyday for the past five years, most of them smokers. My family hates it and it makes me look and smell bad. And, it's terrible for me.

Hopefully by the time my mouth has healed, I won't even crave them anymore. But even if I do, I'm going to find a way to make it stick.

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